Saturday, March 27, 2010

MediaPost Publications Apple Poised To Unveil 'iAd,' New Mobile Ad Platform Is Jobs' 'Next Big Thing' 03/29/2010

Strategically, Apple has been headed in the direction of advertising media platform since the launch of iPod / iTunes. Once Apple began to draw more revenue from iTunes media than Apple hardware, proof of concept for industry changing media revenue model had been realized. The Apple Store, an early market open SDK, iPhone, iPad, all the Appleseed roads lead to media revenue drawn from generations raised on iMac, eMac and iLife. The thing about Apple is, "think different" is their mantra. An Apple advertising platform won't be like anything that has come before it. What Apple did for the floundering media entertainment and mobile markets, they will do for media advertising. They will re-invent it. They will make sense out of chaos. They will lead.


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