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Report: Apple Passes RIM as No. 4 Mobile Phone Seller

Report: Apple Passes RIM as No. 4 Mobile Phone Seller: "Framingham, Mass. - Apple (NASD: AAPL) has surpassed BlackBerry maker
Research in Motion (RIM) (NASD: RIMM) to become the No. 4 handset vendor in the world during
the third quarter, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Online Media Daily: ACA To FCC: Broadband Reclassification Will Harm Cable Providers

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Study: App stores slash time-to-market by two thirds

Study: App stores slash time-to-market by two thirds: "

Application storefronts like Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market have cut the average app time-to-market by two thirds, according to a new study issued by market analysis and strategic advisory firm VisionMobile. Where traditional distribution channels once required roughly 68 days from application submission to purchase availability--a lag VisionMobile blames on the 'long, proprietary and fragmented processes of application certification, approval, targeting and pricing, all of which need to be established via one-to-one commercial agreements'--the corresponding app store process typically spans just 22 days. In addition, app stores have trimmed time-to-payment cycles from an average of 82 days via traditional channels to about 36 days.

VisionMobile reports that more than 95 percent of iPhone developer respondents rely on the App Store as their primary distribution channel, while the percentage of Android programmers dependent on Android Market hovers just below 90 percent. Around 75 percent of Symbian developers who use app stores turn to Nokia's Ovi Store. However, fewer than 10 percent of Windows Phone developers use an app store as their primary distribution channel, while that number drops to 4 percent among Java developers. 'The iOS platform is fastest to go to market with, particularly thanks to Apple's streamlined App Store process, while Java ME and Symbian are the slowest, due to the sluggishness of the traditional routes to market used by these developers (in particular via commissioned apps and own-website downloads),' writes VisionMobile research director Andreas Constantinou.

For more on the VisionMobile app store study:
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Facebook Stirs Up Trouble for Silicon Valley - Advertising Age - Digital

IMO. What exactly is it about "private" that facebook fails to recognize? While playing dumb about opt-in permission you just cost the entire media industry the freedom to regulate itself. A privilege and social contract that advertisers have managed to honor without your help for more than 200 years. Thank you facebook, and thank you Mark Zuckerberg for single handedly and unilaterally breaking the social contract between advertisers and subscribers. You, above all profile mongering, list hawking carpetbaggers have provided the supreme example of mistrust, social irresponsibility and privacy abuse that will be your legacy.

Facebook Stirs Up Trouble for Silicon Valley - Advertising Age - Digital

Draft of Online Privacy Bill Stirs Fears Among Ad Industry - Advertising Age - Digital

Draft of Online Privacy Bill Stirs Fears Among Ad Industry - Advertising Age - Digital

Friday, April 16, 2010

Apple's New Guidelines Won't Stop Wired Magazine IPad App

Call it convergence, call it multi-channel, call it interoperable. You are preaching to the chior and we are drinking the KoolAid!
Apple's New Guidelines Won't Stop Wired Magazine IPad App: "
NEW YORK ( -- Conde Nast's Wired magazine app will indeed work on the iPad, despite the restrictive new guidelines Apple issued this month, Conde Nast said Thursday evening.


Adneedle Webinar - Digital media - Marketing - Media- Eventbrite

New online ad media buying and management platform offers simplicity and transparency for locally targeted online advertising. See it live.

Adneedle Webinar - Digital media - Marketing - Media- Eventbrite

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Apple Puts Down Roots in Media Advertising

So Apple is going to re-invent the advertising media platform.

Well I for one, am not at all surprised.

When music was fat, sluggish and floundering, Apple pulled the market right out from under music media distribution.

While mobile handset manufacturers were taking marching orders from carriers, Apple took orders from no one, locking up 20% of US hand-held market share on a single carrier in just two years. Holy!

Now it is media advertising's turn and boy-oh-boy is that market vulnerable to singular tech. Multichannel disparity leaves a gaping hole for Apple to fill and fill it they will.

Google may have online advertising in the bag but that's only about 10% of total ad spending. Broadcast, print magazine, OOH, DM/DR, display, event and other categories still make up close to 90% of media spending and that's still anybody's game. Anybody that is, who realizes that the mobile phone is the one device that lets it's owner control and integrate media for their own purposes based on proximity, location and context.

Apple beat Google out of the gate long before iPhone and frankly, Google has a lot of catching up to do in terms of brand extension, customer loyalty and market penetration.

I hope this much is finally clear to the advertising industry. The race to own media advertising will be run on the mobile hand-held. No great prediction here, Apple will emerge a dominant advertising media player.

So what's next? Retail banking is a short hop from mobile commerce, ripe for change and the customer contact lynch pin.

What's "everywhere you want to be," what's "priceless," what don't you leave home without? The iPhone, that's what.

"One of popular scenarios is that Apple will offer a hypertargeting capability that would enable advertisers to target ads to consumers based on their geographic proximity, paving the way for a new generation of location-based advertising. But some observers believe that could be trouble for Apple, because Google recently won the patent for systems that serve ads dynamically based on a user's location, and given the current relationship between the two digital behemoths, such a move by Apple would likely invite litigation from Google.

Another potentially telling patent move is one that Apple registered for in 2008 that potentially could control ads served on virtually any screen connected to an operating system that would turn the content or application off if the user isn't paying attention to the ads."

MediaPost Publications Apple Poised To Unveil 'iAd,' New Mobile Ad Platform Is Jobs' 'Next Big Thing' 03/29/2010

Strategically, Apple has been headed in the direction of advertising media platform since the launch of iPod / iTunes. Once Apple began to draw more revenue from iTunes media than Apple hardware, proof of concept for industry changing media revenue model had been realized. The Apple Store, an early market open SDK, iPhone, iPad, all the Appleseed roads lead to media revenue drawn from generations raised on iMac, eMac and iLife. The thing about Apple is, "think different" is their mantra. An Apple advertising platform won't be like anything that has come before it. What Apple did for the floundering media entertainment and mobile markets, they will do for media advertising. They will re-invent it. They will make sense out of chaos. They will lead.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Opera Mini for iPhone submitted to Apple for approval (video)

Opera Mini for iPhone submitted to Apple for approval (video): " Can you feel the tension? Opera is now in the throes of the App Store approval process. The wait is on to see if Apple will loosen its grip and approve the fast (very fast) Opera Mini browser for iPhone app we checked out at MWC. Remember, Opera Mini relies on Opera's servers to render and compress pages before sending them back to the iPhone for display. As such, there's no code interpretation being done by the software -- a definite no no for approval. So the only thing that could cause Apple to reject the app would be a perceived duplication of core iPhone functionality even though it already approved several WebKit-based browsers. Whatever happens, this is going to be good.

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AdMob Launches New SDKs For Android And iPhone Platforms, Enhances Publisher Tools

AdMob Launches New SDKs For Android And iPhone Platforms, Enhances Publisher Tools: "

AdMob, the mobile advertising unit bought by Google last year for a whopping $750 million, is upgrading its platform today. The company is launching new SDK’s for Android, Flash Lite and iPhone platforms and is also rolling out a number of new publisher tools, including a new publisher dashboard, an enhanced Reporting UI, a new Reporting API and Server Side SDK Controls.

The new Android SDK allows for expandable canvas and multi-panel banner advertisements on Android devices, with the updated iPhone SDK featuring performance enhancements and additional server side flexibility. The new Flash Lite SDK, which is in beta, enables monetization with CPC text ads. And AdMob is rolling out a new adaptive mobile ad unit, which allows for a banner sizes ad unit to remain a constant size as consumers pinch and scroll through a Web site that’s designed for a PC screen on their mobile device

New publisher tools include a enhances Publisher Dashboard with a customizable interface for publishers to view all the key statistics for their mobile Web sites and various applications in one location. AdMob has rolled out a better Reporting UI and now allows publishers and advertisers to build their own tools and dashboards via a new reporting API. Other additions include Server Side SDK Controls, which gives publishers the ability to dynamically control the display and format of the ads in their applications; and AdWhirl (which AdMob bought) for iPhone and Android applications.

Google is currently awaiting approval for its deal to buy AdMob. We recently heard Google has been reaching out to mobile companies for help in getting the acquisition cleared by the FTC. Specifically, they’re asking select companies to write letters in support of the deal, which Google will then forward to the FTC.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hearst gets into iPhone apps with LMK - Rethink Wireless

Now. Please explain to me the difference between online affiliate and print magazine advertising.


Apple's Spat With Google Is Getting Personal -

One executive familiar with Google’s acquisitions strategy said the company was willing to pay a large premium for AdMob simply to keep the company out of Apple’s arms. “There is no way AdMob would have gotten $750 million if he wasn’t worried that it would end up in the hands of Steve,” the executive said. “Are they going to get $750 million in cash flow back? No way.”


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Reality Check: Embracing and implementing mobile money management

Reality Check: Embracing and implementing mobile money management: "Editor's Note: Welcome to our weekly Reality Check column. We've gathered a group of visionaries and veterans in the mobile industry to give their insights into the marketplace."

Friday, February 5, 2010

SinglePoint debuts SingleBrand Ad Marketplace for SMS/MMS campaigns - Mobile Marketer - Advertising

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AdVenture Media on Facebook